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☁️ Welcome to RYA STUDIO ☁️

Our team of two hairdressing freelancers have now opened up our very own private studio based in Oakleigh South.

Our studio is customised just for you.

1-1 personalised appointments ensuring you get the most out of your visit and your stylist's undivided attention.

A beautiful new generational salon, providing a relaxed, easy-going going and intimate space for you to have your hair done.

With the pick of 2 amazing hairdressers, both with different backgrounds and styles, you’ll have the opportunity to decide who’s more suited to your style and desired hair goals.


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Getting Here

Come on by
  • Monday - Saturday 10am - 8pm
  • Suite 6
    350 Warrigal Rd
    Oakleigh South
    Victoria 3167


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